Young M.A.: 15 Minutes and Counting

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While the timer may be ticking for some,
Young M.A. proves her time is just starting

When you're coming off the high of having one of the biggest songs of the year, all eyes are on you. It can even be said the number of eyes multiple when you have one of the biggest hits of the year and you're a freshman in the game: new and still learning the motions of the industry. Can you do it again? Will you do it again? What's next?  Young M.A. is one of those artists that has the eyes of everyone on her and questioning what's next for the Brooklyn MC. Can she do it again? Is she going to hang up in the One Hit Wonder Hall of Fame?  

We've seen this happen to artists on many occasions; too many to count. Here today and gone tomorrow seems to be an unspoken rule of the game written on every contract with invisible ink. No matter how big your song is, the impact it has within Hip Hop and beyond, and acknowledgement from some legends, your time can always be up with your contributions to the culture only lasting a short moment.

Every time we see artist come and go, it creates conversations that end up bigger, and often more notable, than the artists' work. You can argue we talked more about what Trinidad James was going to do next, or lack thereof, instead of looking at the success of "All Gold Everything." We've often asked where is Corey Gunz instead of truly appreciating his craft and being one of few artists that can stand tall and hold his own on a song with Hip Hop veteran and icon, Lil Wayne. 

Though Young M.A. is still reaping the benefits of her hit single "Ooouuu," and has shined on a few songs with guest verses, we've all been looking for the follow up, which has made some question whether or not her time is up.

The perfect combination of New York finesse and national potential
— Ayesha Go on Young M.A.'s "Hot Sauce"

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Talent. While we've been waiting, she's been working both silently and in plain sight with freestyles reaching millions of views on YouTube. Some may have doubted her. Some patiently waited for more. Despite what side of the fence you are on, she proves she's more than just one hit record by dropping yet another song sure to take off and be in rotation, especially in the clubs: "Hot Sauce."

"Hot Sauce," an anthem about being young and dealing with obstacles while still enjoying life and having fun, is the perfect combination of New York finesse and national potential. What's the magic of "Hot Sauce?" While it is technically Young M.A.'s second single since "Ooouuu," following behind the release of "Summer Story, it's proof that Young M.A. isn't going anywhere anytime soon as it has all the right ingredients for success. Similar to the format of "Ooouuu," it is catchy with lyrics that are memorable, easy to sing along, and a subtle hook that is sure to take on a life of it's own.

Numbers. If you're not convinced by the popularity of "Summer Story"—summer is rolling back around and the song could get a second chance to get the recognition it deserves—and the potential of "Hot Sauce," then look at the numbers. With over a million subscribers on YouTube, Young M.A.'s audience is rapidly growing; not an easy tasks in a climate of demanding fans who lose interest quickly and can at any give moment become your biggest critic. "Ooouuu" is barely a year old and has already reaching over 200 million views on YouTube; her infamous "Quiet Storm" freestyle has reached over 17 million views in five months; and her latest work "Hot Sauce," which is less than a month old, is at more than 1 million views on YouTube proving it's on the right track to be a hit song. 

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Winning isn’t always everything and an opportunity missed doesn’t mean you’ve lost
— Ayesha Go on Young M.A. success post XXL cover

Perseverance. The XXL Freshman cover. A coveted cover for any rising artist looking to make a name fore themselves in Hip Hop. Some greats have graced the cover. Some one hit wonders temporarily held the title. And some have been overlooked, but have went on to break records and leave their mark in the industry. While the cover is an important milestone in an artist's career, not making it doesn't mean your career is over; something Young M.A. is a testament of with her continued success

Months before "Ooouuu" grew to what we know it as today, Young M.A. was among the list of nominees for the 2016 class. Although she didn't make the final list—one of the many artists that you can argue XXL got it wrong—she has surpassed the success of some who graced the cover. Not to serve as a slight at any artists on the cover, but it just proves winning isn't always everything and an opportunity missed doesn't mean you've lost.

Versatility. From being one of the top-tiered young New York artists, alongside Dave East, Don Q, and A Boogie wit da Hoodie to name a few, and rapping alongside Hip Hop icons like Statik Selektah and Smuf-N-Wessun, Young M.A.'s versatility is key to being a dominant artist in  Hip Hop. She can make hit songs for the radio, but does she have substance? She can exude the essence of the Golden Era of Hip Hop, but does that translate to national success? Versatility has always been a necessity to survive and maintain in a constantly changing industry, and we're seeing the beginning stages of her ability, which will continue to develop and get stronger. 

Talent. Strength in numbers. Perseverance. Versatility. Mix these together and you've got the perfect equation for a long, successful career. Add a few components into the equation like being able to influence audience behaviors, create words that become part of daily life, and stand firm in your individuality, then you've already proved you can do what some can only dream of. 

If you're a numbers person, or moved purely off of talent and skill, it's clear Young M.A.'s 15 minutes of fame is far from over.