Whites Only

As the weather gets warmer, the soles get lighter

Heavily prevalent in “streetwear” or “urban” culture for decades, white sneakers have always been a staple. Summers were synonymous for getting a new pair; an annual routine. Crisp, clean to wear for the next three to four months. Whether brushing them with a toothbrush to keep the soles clean or testing out myths like putting them in the freezer to prevent creasing, white sneakers have always been an important part of being fly and has spread mainstream.

As the thick of winter is among us with remnants of snow still lingering in the background here on the East Coast, where fast-paced lifestyles and forward thinking are the norm, spring and summer are already on the mind. Warm weather. Light (weight) garments. And of course, the classic and crucial white sneakers. Old trends become faux pas to make room for new ones as creatives continue to set the stage for innovation. Regardless of the side you're on, white sneakers are one of the few pieces guaranteed to be around despite the frequent changes in fashion.

What’s the current obsession with white sneakers? Despite being on its 11th minute of fame, the idea of having fashion that represents versatility, crispness, and boldness is second nature to some. Granted, fashion to date has expanded on the wide array of “whites” to add to our collection—egg-shell white, off white, cream, etc. as the list goes on and on with endless shades and hues for any occasion—,which is part of its allure. The beauty of white sneakers also lies within the array of styles and designs. With classics like Air Forces, Converses, and K Swiss, to brands new to the concept like Rag & Bone, Topshop, and a list of others, each has a distinct style adding dimensions to enhance any outfit. 

Now seen as a luxury item with a fair share of picking and choosing, white sneakers served the opposite in the past; a necessity because of its versatility and affordability. White sneakers were vital to a wardrobe because parents working with limited budgets knew they would get their money worth and not having to worry about purchasing countless others.

Seen as the “it” item of the moment and featured in countless lists of "must haves," white sneakers for some represent more than being in fashion alignment; they symbolize hope, inspiration, and big dreams. Did Wale tell us that in "The White Shoes?"