Top 5

(Fashion) Top 5: Dead or Alive
Who's your Fashion elite?

If you’re a Hip Hop enthusiast, you’re familiar with the concept of Top 5. In the barbershop, while watching Sports, during game night with the squad, or talking out loud while listening to an interview with an artist answering the same question. Regardless of where you are, or who you are, you can’t escape the Top 5 debate.

As a Hip Hop enthusiast, who is also a Fashion aficionado, I find myself asking myself about my (fashion) Top 5. Five influential figures that inspire me, motivate me, and are truly the essence of what fashion means to me. Ones that deserve to be placed in history for their contributions despite how big, or small, they may be.

When thinking of my Top 5, I can easily name them without any hesitation. The hard part, as with my Hip Hop Top 5, is actually keeping my list at five names and not exceeding: let’s be honest, there are WAY too many fearless, beautiful, powerful women in the world to narrow my list to only five. 

If I had to chose five words and qualities important to me, again we’re talking about Fashion please don’t get me started with Hip Hop, a few come to mind. Chic. Eclectic. Panache. Elan. Forward-looking. These are the words I use to describe my style and the words I use to describe the women in my Top 5 and their style.

Chic: Beyoncé

Chic - elegantly and stylishly fashionable

Eclectic: Solange

Eclectic - deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources

Panache: Rihanna

Panache - flamboyant confidence of style or manner

Elan: Tracee Ellis Ross

Elan - energy, style, and enthusiasm

Forward-looking: My Mama

(yup, that's my mama and Mr. Valentino himself)

(yup, that's my mama and Mr. Valentino himself)

Forward-looking - favoring innovation and development; progressive

As a 20 something who has finally found her voice and is trying to find the best way, and platform to use it, I’m feeling my strongest, most powerful, most beautiful version of myself ever. On this journey to be where I am now, my Top 5 has helped me get there. Yes, Fashion is more than just aesthetics and materialism.