The Kanye-loution: Kanye-ism Through the Lens, and Closet, of a Broke College Student

Kanye West has an undeniable presence and has etched his name among the best and brightest. Although he may have carved his name there himself, others have followed suit and are in agreement of his talents and influence. Whether it's production, rapping, or talking about socio-political issues, Kanye does it all including stepping into the world of fashion design.

Far from a stranger of sartorial savvy and being "fresh to death," Mr. West curated his second fashion show for his Spring/Summer 2016 collection, a sight filled with monochromatic unison, militant influence, and a hint of anonymity among the sea of notable faces including Anna Wintour, Drake, and the almighty herself, North West.

From decoding and deciphering Yeezy season, it can be inferred that it’s time to get back to the basics; strong foundations and solid structures. Making the statement of gaudy being a thing of the past by removing otherwise sought out appurtenances of fashion, West is trying to maintain a sense of luxury with the latest less-is-more concept.

West talks about being of the people and creating things that people can afford, but the pricet ags prove otherwise. Despite the criticism West is receiving about his collection, which I must admit some of them do make valid points, I still see the potential of what could be among the chaos of what is. Marc Ecko says in his book “Unlabel” "guts-to-skin,” and I can see and feel the guts of Yeezy season although the skin maybe need a consultation from Dr. Miami. For that reason, I decided to recreate looks from Yeezy season(s) adding my own style through the lenses of my round-framed, dark sunglasses and garments from my closet.


Jacket: Boss. Bodysuit: Az.U.R. Boots: H&M.

Fun, futuristic, and forward. An Evil Knievel inspired video can mean two things; either you want try death-defying stunts and tricks or you aspire to be a daredevil constantly pushing yourself to new heights. Reflecting on all of his work and accolades, we can see West is the latter, which makes sense since Knievel’s name can be added to the list of other influential, progressive figures of our time. With Curtis Mayfield soulfully emphasizing the message of reaching and exceeding your own expectations as instrumentals of "Move on Up" enhance feelings of inspiration, “Touch the Sky” exudes a radiance that anything is possible; sky is the limit. As Norman Vincent Peale said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”


Jacket: Donna Karan. Shirt: Kenneth Cole. Pants: Thalan. Shoes: Zara.

Sexy, sultry, and polished. Kanye has always been a figure to stand out among a crowd. Is it the fashion, complex morals, or now notorious scowl? Maybe a combination of all three, but Kanye makes it his duty to not blend in, or fade, into the background. Now known for this subtle sartorial sophistication, the Chicago-artist is no stranger to flashy and flamboyant attesting to this in “The Glory” agreeing that his tuxedo was a “little guido.” West has graduated since his “Graduation” days, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of ostentatious behavior from time to time.


Crop top: Michael Hoban. Skirt: H&M. Pants: Gap. Shoes: Bronx.

Dark, sleek, and chic. "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," an eerie, cryptic album nothing short of artistic genius. From an illustrious list of talents to complement the work's tone to superlative production to a short-film incorporating all of the songs on the album, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" lives up to its name verging on the border of consciousness and insanity. The introduction elicits darkness and imagination with Alicia Keys’ voice echoing through our eardrums and Nicki Minaj dipping into her closet full of eccentric personalities. Dark and twisted? Yes. Beautiful and mystical? Absolutely.


Sweater: Club Room by Charter Club. Shoes: Zara.

Vulnerable, sensual, and intimate. Off of his latest album “Yeezus,” we're introduced to the new Kanye West; still himself at the core just grown up with more to say wearing his heart on a well-tailored sleeve. At some point we’re all vulnerable—exposed and on display for the world to stare and judge—, and being vulnerable isn’t easy. Great levels of security and confidence aren’t optional rather required internally to break free from the chains and prepare yourself mentally, and sometimes physically, for what lies ahead. Expressing his interest and passion for luxury, art, and beauty, West has shown us his vulnerability telling us about his desire to make it in within the fashion world. With passion comes vulnerability, and with vulnerability comes openness; some see through the dense persona while others skim the surface.

Maybe execution isn't Kanye's thing, but his vision(s) can't be denied; do you think Steve Jobs was on the iPhone assembly line?