Joe Budden & Crew Are the Friends You Wish You Had

Joe Budden can be referred to as many things. Rapper. Culture Curator. Lover of both Drake and Tory Lanez music. Some may know him for his appearance on reality TV including Love & Hip Hop: New York and Couples Therapy, but most that have been exposed to the MC know him for his honest, no holds barred opinions and thoughts. Budden has recently gained the attention of the masses because of his critique of Drake's latest album, Views, and his series of diss songs toward the 6 God although he has said he will not be releasing any additional diss tracks: can I mention we still haven't heard a response from Drake?

Back to Budden, Joe has a weekly podcast, I'll Name This Podcast Later, which is a must-listen for anyone who loves Hip Hop, Pop Culture, current events, and can enjoy a good laugh. What changes the dynamic of Joe Budden's podcast is the recurring theme of honest, genuine conversation between friends. Listening to I'll Name This Podcast Later makes you feel like a fly on the wall while at times you see yourself chiming in and engaging in the discussion as if you're in the room yourself.

Although his podcast is a little unorthodox within the podcast community since it doesn't include celebrity guests each week and is independent of the podcast conglomerates--yes, there's a such thing as a podcast conglomerate--, it doesn't lack in substance and entertainment. Joe Budden with a mic, a few friends, and a week's worth of celebrity mishaps and laughable moments, how could you not want to tune in?

Now more than a year old, I'll Name This Podcast is full of memorable moments aside from the recent Drake banter. From having legends like Troi "Star" Torain and Angie Martinez to Marisa Mendez's stories of weekend adventure and fun--Marisa is no longer on the show, but you must listen to the episode when she talks about a certain guy in Hip Hop who enjoys being eaten like groceries if you catch my drift--, I'll Name This Podcast Later makes you wish you had friends as funny and entertaining as Joe, co-host Rory, and their friends Emmany, Mal, Ice, and occasional cameos from other members of their crew.

Along with Joe Budden and his friends discussing the latest in the news, their epic adventures and stories are sure to draw anyone in. The kickball stories. Games of monopoly while in the club. Going to the strip club just to grab some food. And don't forget the cases presented in Homie Court. I'll Name This Podcast Later is more of a weekly recap with friends opposed to a podcast that's maintaining a regular schedule. 

If you're an introvert--like myself--or in that weird adult-phase when you're letting go of old friends and trying to make new ones--like myself--, Joe Budden and his crew are the friends you wish you had.