Eulogy to a Known Unknown

Courtesy of the L.A. Times

Before there was "lit," before there was "fleek", there was WorldStar

How do you say goodbye, to someone you've never met
A force so strong you feel their presence in everything
Strong enough to inspire and motivate you
When you went worth of their energy
Larger than life, powerful by nature
Proof that disciple and dedication
Conquers all in a world full of obstacles
The best may have yet to come, but your legacy is eternal
Because of you, there's a voice
Because of you, there's existence
Because of you, long live the culture
Not only has your work touched many
Whether through their advancement, awareness or apathy
You made us feel
Proof of your legacy is in the details
The many to have taken strides in your strut
To have walked in your footsteps
To have risen from your shadows
That have borrowed your blueprint
Because of you, you not only shifted and shaped OUR culture
You transformed culture as a whole
The man behind all of this
The man we loved from afar
The man we can credit
For being an alchemist of all things
Beautiful, eccentric, catastrophic, and authentic
An easy summary of our feelings and the reality we live in
Polarizing and captivating
Life's most memorable and precious experiences
Shouted out, an extension of our reality